ForceBoard: Pressure-based Text Entry Pervasive HCI Lab, Tsinghua University | Summer 2016— Spring 2018

Sometimes, text entry can prove to be unfeasible because of constraints, for example, typing on a wet touchscreen or typing a short message during a meeting. To solve this problem, ForceBoard enables text entry using subtle finger motion, based on continuous pressure input. In this study, we characterized people’s ability of continuous and fast pressure control, and conducted a user study to evaluate the performance of our technique. ForceBoard shows the feasibility of using pressure as the main input channel. This technique can support interaction that may otherwise be constrained by form factor, social concern, or physical limitations.


  • (Conference Paper) Mingyuan Zhong, Chun Yu, Qian Wang, Xuhai Xu, Yuanchun Shi: ForceBoard: Subtle Text Entry Leveraging Pressure. CHI 2018, pp. 528-1—10. [PDF]


  • The 2018 CHI Conference. Montreal, Canada. [Session not recorded]
  • CCF GAMES Seminar, 2018-45. Beijing, China. [In Chinese: poster and video]


  • Proposed and designed the one-dimensional pressure-based text entry method
  • Examined the users’ ability to control pressure in a fast and continuous fashion and established an error model
  • Designed and implemented the prototypes of ForceBoard on an iPhone
  • Conducted a user study to evaluate the performance of this technique
  • Wrote the paper for CHI ’18 as the first author